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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 11, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. wow, there it is. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> following several big stories tonight. a local reporter killed and found in a burning home. now police have found a clue on her facebook page. plus, a call for action after a torrential downpour floods a d.c. neighborhood. >> i will announce to you now that i am going to join council member in asking the mayor to
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resign. >> you saw it right here on fox 5 at 5:00. another d.c. council member calling on mayor vincent gray to resign in the wake of the growing campaign corruption scandal. comes a day after the u.s. attorney exposed the $653,000 shadow campaign, which may have helped mayor gray win the mayoral race. >> i'm laura evans in tonight for shawn. a total of three council members are calling for the mayor's resignation. the chairman has a different message. >> working the story right now. matt. >> tonight, three members of the council are saying the mayor has to do what is best for the city. step down. but earlier today, the mayor said that he plans to serve out his term. and maintains he knew of no wrong doing during his campaign. >> mayor gray still claims he can't say much about the federal investigation into his 2010 campaign. nothing about the three people who have pleaded guilty to
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crimes directly connected to his campaign. >> this is not the campaign that we intended to run. >> several council members say that's not enough. on tuesday, jeanny clark harris admitted to working with others to fund a half million dollar plus shadow campaign. all of it illegal. >> as mayor is finished. >> the service is now deeply in question. i can't see how the business of government can go forward in the way that it should. >> council member david catanya was the first to call for gray's resignation. >> i would have handled today differently. regardless of whether or not i knew anything and i didn't, such a cloud has been placed over my government that i believe it's in the best interest to end this distraction and i will resign it effective tomorrow noon. that's what he should have done. but it appears as if he's going to dig in. >> mary who supported vincent
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gray was next. she says it was a heartbreaking process. finally coming to the conclusion that gray should leave office. >> i cannot tell you how painful this is. i think it's best for the district and that's what i have to think about. and that's what i want him to think about. >> and council member who chaired ethics reform legislation and was a strong fenty supporter called on gray to step down. >> i think that it's frankly in the best interest of our city, the mayor concentrates on his legal concerns, so that we can get on with the business of government. >> separate what happened during his campaign from his work as mayor. but when asked if some think he is corrupt, gray said this. >> well, there are lots of people who will have that question. i know who i am. i get up in the morning every day and look in the mirror and i see somebody i respect. >> also tonight, we heard from chairman phil. mayor gray asked him to his office late this evening and
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soon after, he issued a statement saying it was premature to ask for the mayor to step down. >> i do think that the calls for resignation are premature. we don't have any allegations from the u.s. attorney. certainly no charges brought. i'm concerned that calls for the resignation of an elected official or the mayor at this point are destabilizing to the government. >> remember, it would be chairman who would become mayor if vincent gray steps down. no plans to resign. >> so mayor gray digging in his heels. this is not going to go away. mark joins us now. mark, if we are going to do a score card, they want the mayor to go. you have been working the phones tonight, what have you heard? >> i think that it won't make a difference if every member of the council asks the mayor to
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resign. he is going to wait and to see what the u.s. attorney says. and that will not affect his decision. i think he is res resolute and firm about this. i just got off the phone with mary j. who says she has great affection for the mayor. he is very dear to me, but it doesn't make any difference whether he knew about these contributions or what was going on in his campaign. he lost the confidence of the city and for that reason in itself, he should go and there's no turning back. i also talked to yvette alexander. it's from the mayor's ward, elected city council, and alexander is his protojay, and she said she's going to stay with him. but i think the mayor, i've known him for a long time, is going to wait and see what the u.s. attorney does or doesn't do and these statements by various council members aren't going to affect him. >> so politicians aside, what
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about perhaps more importantly, the people that keep the city afloat? the business community? >> you know, i was thinking, what will it take to come to a realization. these are just politicians in his mind. yes, they are colleagues, but they are politicians. someone, who i'm sure is sincere, also has mayoral ambitions. tommy wells was quoted and taken back as maybe calling for his resignation. he has ambitions. i spoke to jack evans, represents the business community in terms of his local and he suggested somebody like bob lang of the d.c. chamber of commerce, whom the mayor is close to might affect his judgment. that is somebody outside of the political community and if the business community said you are under mining what we're trying to do here, that might have an impact more than other
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political people who are really now considered rivals. >> and mark, you are a good person to ask this question. i just have to throw it out there. because it's on everybody's mind. the mayor said he didn't know about the $650,000 shadow campaign. either he didn't know about it and that's true and he is running a campaign, not even the mayor of a city, just running a campaign to be elected mayor and he doesn't know about $650,000 that is being spent on his behalf unaccounted for to get him elected. if he doesn't know that, does that mean he's not qualified to be a mayor? >> well, people would say look, let's quote harry truman. the buck stops here. you are responsible and that's what mary said to me for all facets. it goes to confidence, it goes to just your ability to run an organization and run an operation. but more than ryan, the lack of knowledge, is the city has no longer confidence in him in her
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mind and if that seeps through and keeps on going from all different facets, it will be very hard for him to withstand the pressure. >> we just want to make sure and i know you mentioned it, but tommy wells did not ask for the mayor's resignation, we are at 3 right now as far as the politicians go. mark tonight. >> our other big story tonight, the murder of a newspaper reporter in northern virginia's horse country. sarah green was found dead monday inside her burned out home. tonight, sarah's friends are hoping a facebook posting might help investigators find her killer. fox 5's bob barnard is in our newsroom with that story. >> what turned out to be the final facebook message, referenced a man she was dating. detectives tell us they have several persons of interest, some they are already talking to and are pursuing a number of leads in the case. >> fauquier county sheriff
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detectives and virginia state police investigators back at the crime scene late wednesday. the house off the drive in upperville just west of middleburg where 48-year-old winchester star reporter, sarah greenhog, was found murdered monday morning. the killer setting fire to the house in an apparent effort to conceal the crime. >> today we are back processing the interior of the house again. >> of special interest to investigators, is the murder victim's facebook page. and sarah's last posting sunday night. long time friend, betsy parker shows us what sarah had written. >> sleeping with the windows wide open. now if that crazy boy would leave me alone. >> she called him something worse, bat crazy with a curse word inbetween. >> we all know. now she's gone. >> we asked fauquier sheriff lieutenant about the posting on facebook. >> we became aware of that early on monday morning when we began this investigation. and started looking into that
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immediately. we were able to identify the person she was referencing and we have spoken to that person and the person is being cooperative with our investigation. >> considered a suspect? >> at this point, we have persons of interest that we're looking for and some that we have found that we have talked to and a few that we are trying to seek out to talk to about sarah. >> you aren't honing in on any one person? >> not at this person, no. >> i didn't know who she was dating. she dated a lot of people. she was a single girl. but that is very disturbing. >> nice hit, do not turn on the ball. you have to turn around. >> betsy parker says she and sarah were friends for 25 years. both journalists, both sharing a love of horses, and polo. >> she was a light in the community. she was vibrant, she was funny, she was witty. she was poignant, she was talented, but she would always have some big drama. she would always have some bad
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boyfriend, some stupid boyfriend, some boyfriend that is pestering her. >> now lieutenant heartman would not tell us how they believe sarah was killed. he says the investigation is moving along at a fast pace and coming up on the news edge at 11:00, we'll hear from the murder victim's mother who met with detectives. >> a line of storms moved through d.c. last night causing dramatic scenes in northwest d.c. like that flood right there on 1st street once the water went down. a disgusting mess left behind. john hanrahan has the story. >> the tuesday night storm was brief, but torrential. almost immediately, in the low lying d. c. neighborhood, water poured into basements from doorways and from the plumbing. jose was awakened from a nap and stepped out of bed into standing water. >> went to the bathroom and the bathtub was coming up and they were coming through the front door. >> what a mess.
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>> big mess. >> in many of the houses in bloomingdale, water poured out of the toilet. >> we had to take towels because we couldn't find anything else and just put all our full body weight, it was four of us on each one of the, you know, exits, so to speak, and we were able to slow the water down, but you know, when you are sitting in sewage for periods of 20, 30 minutes, it's just a nauseating feeling. >> the water came up to here on parked cars. in fact, some autos floated on to nearby sidewalks. a day later, residents were trying to dry out towels, rugs, and other items that got soaked from the sudden flooding. a few people pried over manhole covers. some of which were filled with debris. roy was helping with the cleanup. >> you can see how high this stick is. like 5 feet or so. so, look at this.
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i'm not touching bottom. i still haven't gotten to the bottom yet. >> residents say they want d.c. water to clean out these storm drains more frequently. the water and sewer agency says that happens already and they recommend people living in old low lying neighborhoods plan ahead. >> we recommend contacting a license plumber installing something called a backflow preventer. this is something you can trigger during a storm that keeps the water out. so it will stay in the street instead of coming through the bathtub. >> also building a $2.6 billion storm water storage project. but that solution won't be finished for about 20 years. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> flooding in your home is bad enough, but some say their houses were destroyed by the recent storms. find out why one family who was rebuilding say they are lucky. and late e the bedtime battle. there's a new industry focused
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on getting exhausted parents some shut eye. the program that helps get your kids to sleep. >> and on the news edge, a virginia mother chases her children across the country. how the fbi upped the antiin this kidnapping case at 11:00. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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the power is back on for most people, most are ready to put the recent storms behind them. for local families, recovering may not be so easy. many homes were destroyed. fox 5's audrey barnes spent some time with the family who despite losing nearly everything, actually says they feel pretty lucky. >> this is the biggest casualty that my wife and i have had in our 49 years of marriage. >> allen was at front door of his home in chevy chase and his wife was in the kitchen when the microburst hit on june 22. their home of 28 years was destroyed by one of the biggest trees on the block. >> this is the stump.
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you can see how big it was. >> chris tucker who is like family, rushed in to survey the damage. >> i got to the front room and saw where the tree had hit and i was able to see out and that's what hit me, that it was really bad. that the roof has a hole in it now and the house is in really bad shape. >> so bad, it will have to be gutted down to the foundation. >> you can see how far away that moved. >> every room of the home where they raised their three daughters is now cluttered with debris. on the final walk through, a childhood teddy bear is uncovered. >> right there on the teddy bear. >> the couple has already moved to an apartment, so crews can start tearing down the walls they have called home for 28 years. but this isn't the end of their life. >> i have lived in chevy chase for 70 years, you know, that's a fair amount of time. my roots are here. >> they refuse to be uprooted.
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anxious to return to the neighborhood of fall birthday parties and birthday gathering. >> what we don't want to happen is for some developer to come in and tear down the house and put up a mansion. we don't want to do that to our neighbors. we want the house to be rebuilt the way we know it. >> the beaches also had a surprise curb side as well. this huge city tree came uprooted. it knocked down a utility pole and crushed two of their cars and two of their neighbors vehicles. >> we know rebuilding a home won't happen overnight, but they have a specific and very special timetable they are trying to beat. >> we are going to go on. we expect to be back in here when we celebrate our 50th anniversary. how does that sound? >> september, 2013, when new memories will begin. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> power companies had a will the of questions answered this morning from people who went days without electricity after the big storm.
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wtop radio hosted pepco, dominion, virginia, and smetco. one of the questions dealt with, how the companies trim trees to prevent power outages. >> we have done very well in terms of our reliability. it shows through in the incidents that we see and then certainly in this last storm where we had 60,000 some customers out, which is 40% of our customer base that we were able to restore power quickly. >> representatives from bg and e said they spend more on tree trimming than they used to, but property owners don't want them to trim their trees. another idea to prevent power outages, bury those lines. under proposed legislation, pepco would be required to bury more power lines in the city. one bill seeks a study on burying lines. another calls for commission to identify where they could be buried. >> look what happened in this last storm. where were the large outages? they were where most of the
10:21 pm
trees fell, downtown didn't have this problem. areas where there is undergrounding didn't have this problem. so while it is true that this is not perfection, i think it will go a long way toward limiting the kinds of destruction that we saw, loss of life as well. that we saw in this recent storm. >> pepco has said it is willing to discuss the idea, but also says the project would be extremely expensive. >> up next, a local firefighter accused of being a pimp. the prostitution ring bust next. >> hey laura, we had a fairly quiet day when it comes to thunderstorm activity. didn't see much around the region, but we continue to see a few. i'll let you know how things are looking as we head towards thursday and the weekend. one little hint. looks like it's going to be heating up just a bit. full details on your way in a few minutes. we'll be right back. max.
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police chief, james tier is retiring. announced to step down on august 1. state prosecutors say now that he is leaving, they will no longer pursue a criminal investigation against him. his announcement comes days after john leapold was indicted on charges he misused his security detail. charged with running an online prostitution ring. another man have been organizing the ring for years. the two were arrested after raiding a baltimore warehouse. simmons has been suspended without pay while the fire department does it review. >> results of an independent investigation into penn state and how it handled accusations against jerry sandusky will be released tomorrow morning. a source tells the associated press the investigation looked at issues ranging from university governance to the authority of joe paterno.
10:26 pm
paterno died of cancer in january. two major developments today in the hazing death of a florida a and m university drum major. robert champion died last november after beaten. his parents filed a lawsuit against the university claiming school officials did not take action to stop the hazing. also today, the school's president announced he will resign effective october 11. 11 band members faced felony hazing charges while two others faced misdemeanor counts. they have all pleaded not guilty. coming up next, new details about jesse jackson's mysterious medical leave. plus the story you first saw. a local man spent decades in prison for a crime he didn't commit. and if you see a story we need to look into, call, or send your news tip to 
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> one day after prosecutors said a d.c. man suffered an terrible unjustice. it is reviewing thousands of cases which hair analysis was used to secure prosecutions. in march, fox 5 first reported the u.s. attorney's office here in the district was conducting its own review after learning hair analysis sent innocent men to prison. >> for now, not going to eliminate to certain examiners. we're going to look at all prior convictions where hair analysis was used to identify the defendant regardless of who the specific examiner was to see whether we have any questions about the integrity of those convictions. >> paul wagner has more on the nationwide review. >> i'm by former homicide detective, who has extensive knowledge in reviewing cold cases and worked very closely with the fbi over
10:31 pm
the years. jim, what kind of an undertaking is this going to be to review all of these cases nationwide? >> this is huge. so often, especially with older cases, the files are either missing or destroyed. the evidence is no longer there. you really need all of that stuff to come together in order to come to some sort of definite conclusion one way or the other. >> in the last three years, we have seen three d.c. men, donald gates, and kirk all exonerated by dna after they were sent to prison in part with hair analysis. if you are just looking at three men in the district who were exonerated, what kind of exonerations could there be out there nationwide? >> probably hundreds of thousands, if not more. because you are only looking at one small component. that's just the hair right there. i mean, we have all these other factors that contribute for a cause, wrongful convictions.
10:32 pm
in his case, he would have been convicted anyway, probably without the hair because of faulty id procedures. and if the dna wasn't there, he would still be sitting in prison. we use those same procedures today. >> to exonerate these people, you need to find the original evidence, correct? >> and that's what the problem is. like i said, it's old, evidence often gets thrown away after the trial is over with. yes, you need that physical evidence. think of all the cases that don't have physical evidence. only a very small percentage of cases rely on forensic evidence that can later be retested. >> why did the fbi give up on using hair analysis? >> dna was much better. they were starting to use dna on the air and they realize that hey, the examiners were getting it wrong an awful lot of times and maybe the science wasn't all that. >> thanks, jim. the department of justice is asking for assistance from the innocence project and national
10:33 pm
association of criminal defense attorneys so they can have a third party assessment of what they find. brian. >> a shocking discovery in culpeper, virginia, police responding to a domestic call. found a suspected meth lab in the garage of the home. officers wore protective suits and masks while they removed the items from the garage. two children, ages 6 and 7 were inside the home at the time. chris and robert were arrested. they are facing a number of charges, including felony child endanger. , manufacturing meth and domestic assault. we have new details about congressman jesse jackson, jr.'s mysterious ailment. he is seeking treatment for a mood disorder at an arizona rehab facility. jackson has been on medical leave from congress for nearly a month now. his office initially released a vague statement saying he was taking time off for treatment of exhaustion. jackson's office released
10:34 pm
another statement saying he is responding positively to treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. >> the house voted to repeal president obama's healthcare reform law. that means it will probably stick around as the campaign platform through november. one candidate got boos from a key audience when he brought it up today. >> house republicans came out swinging hours before a scheduled vote to repeal the affordable care act. obama care takes $500 billion, $500 billion out of medicare. >> we are committed to taking this flawed law off the books. >> democrats fired their shots pointing out the vote is the latest of more than 30gop efforts to rollback gop reform. >> welcome to ground hog day in the house of representatives. >> no longer will being a woman be a preexisting medical condition. but republicans want to take away those protections for
10:35 pm
women. >> after months of heated debate in two weeks after the supreme court upheld the law, the house voted to repeal. >> the bill is passed. >> opinion polls show a shark public divide over the healthcare law, too. there's a new poll on chief justice, john roberts, who cast the fifth vote in the healthcare decision. his approval rating is 46-34. on the presidential campaign trail, the law is a hot button. >> this law is here to stay. >> for mitt romney who vowed to overturn the law, it was a chilly reception when he repeated his inception at the annual meeting today. >> i'm going to eliminate every nonessential expensive program i can find. that includes obama care and i'm going to work and reform to save. >> the vote in the house makes little difference as it will likely not get to the senate floor and wouldn't pass in the democratically controlled body. president obama has already promised a veto. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. >> up next, police officers
10:36 pm
fired for pulling a dangerous prank on one of their own. it was all caught on camera. and later, haven't had a good night sleep in months, years, thanks to your kids? maybe you need a sleep coach. we'll take a look at the growing industry of counselors who could help you win the bedtime battle. a heat wave, the government lowering its crop estimates due to high temperatures and drought conditions. that could lead to higher prices for a lot of things you buy at the grocery store. that is not good news for america starting to see the gas prices, now for the 8th time. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded standing at $3.38. meanwhile, you think those record low mortgage rates are getting more people into the housing market? think again. the number of mortgage applications falling. recent activity leading the way down. and 7-eleven celebrating its 85th birthday by giving customers a gift. the convenient store chain
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the captain of the ship wrecked costa concordia says he was distracted distracted by a phone call. francesco told an italian tv station that the collision was an accident in which destiny played a role. 32 people were killed in january. he is charged with manslaughter, causing a ship wreck, and abandoning the ship while passengers and crew were still on board. it was a high speed police chase. fired after they pulled a prank on another officer. this was in the city of claire monte. several officers were in a car
10:41 pm
driving erratically. another officer chases the car down. the car finally pulls over. a man gets out and then pretends to run away and comes back. well the officer who responded pulled out her gun and that's when the men in the car announced the whole thing was a prank. except the chief isn't laughing. >> protect my officers, but i have a job to protect the public from officers when they go off the reservation. so that's why the action i took is, i felt appropriate. >> three officers were in the unmarked car. two were fired, the third officer was suspended for a day. ahead on the news edge, a big development in maryland's same-sex marriage battle. and it's been two weeks since a massive storm knocked out power and 911 service in northern virginia. now one official is fighting to make sure that doesn't happen again. and a local mother crosses the atlantic. how the fbi hopes to catch the suspect at 11:00.
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if you are the parent of a newborn, you know, sleep dep vision comes with the territory. there is now a growing industry of counselors who can help. and your little ones get the rest you deserve. fox 5's shows us how to win the bedtime battle. >> bedtime can be a battle. the baby who won't stop crying, a toddler who refuses to lie down, for some parents, that can mean days, months, or even years without a good night's rest. >> i was always exhausted. literally. everyone says that, but all new moms feel it. >> how do you get your child to sleep? there is certainly no shortage of advice. >> you basically have to get them exhausted, get them tired. >> give them warm milk. >> let them cry it out. >> with so many ideas, which one will work for you? it's important to remember that different babies have different needs and sleep doesn't come
10:46 pm
easy for everyone. >> it's a learned skill and just like any other skill, some will have an easy time and some will not. >> if you tried everything and it's still not working, don't worry, you might need some help from a professional. sleep coaches are popping up. they'll come to your home and devise a plan for you and your family. >> whenever possible, i like to see the environment. i like to see how a couple interacts and i like to see how they interact with the baby. >> dr. jana is a clinical psychologist who specializes in finding sleep solutions for adults and children. while you can find a will the of information online about getting a child to sleep, the problem is deciphering what approach is best for you. that's where she comes in. >> figuring out how to get partners working together. looking at the child and figuring out what will soothe this child, what's getting in the way here. >> she'll help you figure out your own personal sleep
10:47 pm
language. if your child is cranky or putting his head down, he's probably already over tired. >> what you're looking for are subtler cues, like you have a smaller baby, they tend to just kind of gaze out into the distance or give you a long slow motion blank. they might be less active, less vocal, you'll see jugs a pause in whatever they are doing. >> people come to me when they are at rock bottom. >> also a sleep coach with a masters in developmental psychology. >> there is light at the end of the tunnel. it takes a lot of work and consistency, but it can be achieved. >> her clients agree. >> it is totally, you know, changed me. i'm able to get a good 8 hour sleep some nights. >> with one-year-old, christina's approach was the shuffle. >> putting the baby in bed
10:48 pm
staying by the crib for two nights and then moving away from the crib for another two nights and slowly moving yourself out of the room. >> it makes the baby comfortable. after the initial consultation, the sleep coaches check in with you to make sure you are sticking with the plan. for many, that creates a sense of accountability. >> i knew she was going to call me in the morning. i would have to answer her and you know, did i take him out? obviously, i would be embarrassed to admit that to her. >> it's crucial to set up a routine with your child. >> they come to rely on the structure of the routine to kind of keep them from getting distracted and turning it into play time. >> if you're in a problem and you want to get out of it, picking a plan and being consistent with it is the most important thing. >> having a sleep coach is a way to get personalized, individual support so that everyone in the family can sleep. >> i feel like everyone needs
10:49 pm
that someone to push them. you can do it. and coaching them along. >> times vary, but if you the plan, you can begin seeing changes in your child's sleep behavior in a few days to a few weeks. fox news. >> big proponent of guiding your child to sleep. >> like my second one was colicky. >> you paid close attention to that one, laura. recognize a couple of the tips? >> we have all lived through it. >> everything she said, i did. and they still turned out okay. >> we are all worst for the wear. but they are doing okay. >> i remember those days. good sleeping night tonight. humidity not too bad. i wouldn't call it fall-like or anything like that. but it's a pretty pleasant night. i don't know if you had a chance to step out, lovely evening. storm-free, so that's good. the last number of storms have
10:50 pm
been so incredibly dramatic and dangerous. and in fact, we are going to start tonight with a look at the storms last night. i know a lot of you scratching your heads because you did not get the rain from the storms. just check out some of these numbers. dupont circle, 2.5 inches. adams morgan, over an inch and a half. 1.4, very rainy. and silver spring, almost 2 inches. college park, a little less. reagan national a little less. that big jackpot of rain right in this area from annapolis through d.c. and then over to vienna last night while the rest of us didn't see much. it was a couple outflow boundaries, or minicool fronts that fired up storms. tonight, we don't have anything. over the weekend, we will have a chance for rain and thunderstorms. yes, we need the rain. the same feature will be present and that is slow moving thunderstorms that can drop a lot of rain.
10:51 pm
meanwhile, while we had a couple showers and storms up to our west, they fizzled quickly and now we'll have heavier air coming in on top of us tomorrow. an area of high pressure. that will keep the chances for showers and thunderstorms nonexistent in our area. they are lingering down to the south and when i widen out the picture, you'll see there is plenty of moisture across the southeast. later this weekend, some of this moisture could get tapped as this area of high pressure will be coming off the coast and that will pimp in moisture and it will get the heat wave we have just been through, but definitely a lot warmer than it has been. so it looks like tomorrow is going to be a nice day. temperatures in the upper 80s. the humidity will be pleasant. as we get closer to the weekend, watch for temperatures to head at or above 90. maybe 92, 93. scattered storms will be around on saturday and sunday, primarily in the afternoon. i wouldn't rule them out on saturday in the morning here
10:52 pm
and there. hit or miss summer-time pattern. the main feature of any storms we see this weekend and maybe a few on friday would be heavy rain. but right now, it doesn't look as stormy on friday as it did yesterday. so, today's high temperatures 89 at reagan and dulles. bwi touching 90. humidity was very comfortable this evening, but we know things are going to warm up because we look out to the west and we can see there is heat to be tapped. st. louis 93. dallas 96. better than it was. the real heat now is out to the west with las vegas coming in at 114 degrees today. salt lake city 103. and boise 100. but some of those 90s will roll back into town. enjoy tonight, it's going to be a mild one with temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 and during the day tomorrow after we have a few clouds in the morning, we'll get to 88 degrees. a warm day, but not too humid. i think you'll enjoy it. here's your five-day forecast. we aren't putting a thunderstorm on the day tomorrow.
10:53 pm
i don't think anything will be able to fire up. could be a few isolated showers or storms on friday. also not a very wet looking day. as we get into the weekend and back to monday, you can see temperatures begin to climb a little bit from 90 to 92 and maybe 93 degrees. each of those days might be unsettled, though monday might feature more sun than anything else. >> thanks, sue. >> coming up next, new ideas on the table on how to improve metro rail service. what it would mean for riders, next. >> and in minutes, a woman walking her dog attacked by a pack of raccoons. how it happened and why they may have gone after her. >> that's my take, some local teachers getting a pay raise, but is the timing right? >> and now, that's my take with wtt vice president and general manager, dove phi duffy dire. >> teachers will be receiving a 3.4% pay increase. the first increase since
10:54 pm
teacher wages were frozen. pay raises for teachers that would have been eligible for an increase last year. no one would disagree that temps are deserving for a pay raise for their dedication, but you have to question the timing of increasing teacher base pay, which also impacts the already over burdened teacher pension system. while the county's economic future is not bright. recently, montgomery county is looking at a $17 million budget deficit for fiscal 14. contributing to the short fall, teacher pension costs that shifted to the county from the state. the county council responding to this gloomy economic outlook opted instead to give a $2,000 bonus to other county workers who also haven't seen a pay increase in a few years. the pay increases for montgomery county teachers already the best paid in the region, will be offset by
10:55 pm
increases in employees copays for doctor visits and prescription drugs along with a $27 million surplus. a surplus that may have been more wise to spend on decreasing class sizes, which grew over the past few years because of teacher layoffs. an opportunity to improve the classroom experience for students and teachers was squandered. the county council, while it sets the county's school system overall funding, does not have the authority over determining teacher salary increases. that authority is in the hands of the board of education and the superintendent. but maybe it's time for the county council to seek just such authority since they seem to act more prudently and fairly with taxpayer dollars. that's my take. let me know what you think. go to and click on that's my take or send me an e- mail at
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monitoring metro. the board will meet tomorrow to discuss a new standard for train service. calls for service every 6 minutes during peek times and every 12 to 15 minutes. the new proposal would double the wait time. metro may also increase the number of passengers to between 80 and 120 people. a typical rail car carries 60 passengers. a fallen montgomery county police officer honored today. luke hof man was killed back in 2007 while chasing a suspected drunk driver. today, county and police leaders gathered in silver spring to officially rename a stretch of roadway along georgia avenue after hoffman. >> i think it's only fi


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